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  • World Backup Day 2021: Time for BDR!

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    World Backup Day 2021:  Time for BDR!

    Today and every year on March 31st, it is World Backup Day. Backing up your data is key to any Backup/Disaster Recovery (BDR Plan). Just a quick reminder to backup your critical data. Our BDR clients that have a cloud backup solution get automated backups that create a worry-free and hassle-free experience.

    Portable Hard Drives

    If your critical data isn’t backed up by a cloud or automated solution, it’s time to look into one. If you rely on a portable hard drive for backup, you are not protected. Portable hard drives have the following weaknesses:

    • Little to No Ransomware protection: Because Ransomware sits on your computer for weeks or months before revealing itself, it frequently spreads to your backups.
    • Susceptible to local disaster: Nobody expects it to happen to them. Fire, flood, hurricane damage, theft. When it does, having your data safely backed up on the cloud can mean the difference between business survival or bankruptcy.
    • Susceptible to Human Error: Let’s be honest. People forget. We procrastinate. Why backup today when you can do it tomorrow? Too many people have called me after realizing they haven’t backed up in 6 months, and now they have lost data.
    • Difficult to verify success: What did you back up? Did it work? Is it recoverable? All good questions that you don’t want to have to answer after disaster strikes.

    If your cybersecurity approach doesn’t start with BDR, you’re probably doing it wrong. Hackers evolve much faster than defensive measures can. Additionally, there are just too many opportunities for an employee to bypass security measures. Having a BDR solution hosted in the cloud (or hybrid) helps us recover your data for you faster and more reliably than a hard drive.

    We work with clients to find BDR solutions that meet their needs within their budget. If you are ready for a conversation, make A Better Choice for your backup/disaster recovery needs by calling 813-605-7251 ext 1.

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