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Call Center VoIP Service in Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland

Connect, Route, Manage

Our highly reliable, secure, and full-featured call center solution can be up and running in days, not months.

Connect with customers by phone, email, chat and SMS.

Call Queuing

Connect callers in the right order and let them know when they’ll connect.

Custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Route calls automatically and serve as an 24-hour solution when call center agents aren’t available.

Custom Reporting

Learn so you can adjust and update. Our custom reporting gives you the info you need to build an efficient, effective call center.

Call center executive dashboard and reports displayed on tablet

Remote and In-House Agents

Connect on-site agents and remote agents with one call center system.

Scalable – Start with Three Licenses and Build

You can expand to include remote agents, in-house staff, and new call centers near or far.

Use Your Customer’s Preferred Communications


  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Routing by Skill, Geography, Dialed Number and Preferred Agent
  • Queued Callbacks and Voicemails
  • And more


  • Routing by Keyword or Phrases
  • Auto or Manual Response Templates by Team or Queue
  • Suspend and Resume Emails
  • Outbound Emails by Frontline User
  • And more


  • SMS, Webchat, and WhatsApp Queues
  • Manage Concurrent Chats
  • Historical Conversations
  • Response Templates and Auto-Replies
  • And more

Compare Contact Center Plans

Contact Center
Contact Center
User Features
Standalone Application or Integrated with Unite iEasily connect frontline users to other employees in one app by integrating Unite with Contact Center to improve customer experiences.
Desktop and Web Applications
Real-time User Status and Custom Statuses iAllow frontline users to set custom statuses around availability and see real-time user statuses of other frontline users.
User Direct/Group chat iSend direct messages or form group chats for different teams with multiple messaging functions.
Desktop Notifications for Incoming Interactions iReceive alerts for incoming interactions to deliver quick response times.
Conference and Transfer Interactions with Context Sharing iSeamlessly connect, consult and transfer customer interactions to other frontline users while preserving the context of relevant information.
Call Classifications and
Dispositions iCategorize and track customer interactions to discover why customers are calling and the outcomes.
Flag Interactions for Supervisor iAllow frontline users to flag a conversation for supervisor review along with the reasons for flagging it.
Post Call Wrap Up iGive frontline users time to complete other tasks (e.g., take notes, email others) before taking more customer interactions.
Supervisor Features
Monitor (Whisper & Barge for Voice, Webchat, SMS & WhatsApp) iListen in, speak directly to a frontline user, or join the conversation; promoting coaching and team-centered experiences during resolutions.
Group Users by Location iEnable tailored regional support, efficient time zone coverage, language-specific assistance and improved resource allocation.
Customizable Alerts with Escalation Rules iProvide proactive monitoring of contact center operations, ensure timely responses to critical issues, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall service quality.
Skills Management iAssign frontline users based on their expertise, enhancing customer service efficiency, and matching inquiries with skilled frontline users for faster resolution times.
Dynamic Queue Prioritization iPrioritize customer interactions by automatically adjusting their queue position based on rules and real-time factors.
Active Frontline User Management iReal-time supervision, performance optimization, and resource allocation for customer service employees to ensure efficient, high-quality interactions.
Call Bursting & Telagents iHandle unexpected call surges by temporarily bringing in additional frontline users even if it exceeds your current license.
Call and Screen Recordings iRecord calls and the frontline user’s computer screen activity to improve service quality and frontline user engagement.
Voice Channel
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) iEfficiently direct calls to the appropriate frontline user based on rules like round-robin, sequential ring, and longest idle.
Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) iCustomizable IVR enables tailored call routing and self-service options, optimizing customer interactions and improving contact center efficiency.
Routing by Skill, Geography, Dialed Number and Preferred Agent iDirect customer interactions to the most suitable frontline users based on criteria like expertise, location, dialed number, or customer preference, ensuring efficient and personalized service.
Queued Callbacks and Voicemails iLet customers request a callback instead of waiting on hold, andautomatically call them back when a frontline user is available.
In-Queue Messages (e.g. Position in Queue, Estimated Wait Time, Text to Speech) iInform callers of their position and estimated hold time in queue.
Dynamic Call and Overflow Treatment iAdjust how incoming calls are handled based on real-time conditions and predefined rules to enhance customer interactions.
Inbound Call Information (Caller ID, Queue, Skill) iCapture caller infomration like Caller ID and the purpose for the call and provide that information to the frontline user.
Multi-language Support iEnable customers to choose their preferred language and route the call to a frontline user proficient in that language.
Outbound Calling iLet frontline users initiate and manage calls to customers for sales, service, or communication purposes.
Call Scripting for Frontline Users iProvide script templates for frontline users to follow to ensure consistent, high-quality interactions with customers.
Missed Call Treatment iManage unanswered calls through voicemail, callback scheduling, and rerouting to ensure customer inquiries are addressed promptly and efficiently.
Chat Channel
SMS, Webchat, and WhatsApp Queues$
Manage Concurrent Chats iManage multiple customer chats simultaneously.$
Historical Conversations iSee messages from prior interactions for better context when responding.$
Response Templates and Auto-Replies iCustomize templates and auto-replies for common questions/requests.$
Position in Queue iInform customers of their current position or wait time in the service queue.$
Webchat iEnable real-time text-based communication between customers and frontline users through your website.$
Reactive and Proactive Chat Mode iAllow customers to initiate webchat sessions or proactively start interactions.$
Custom Branding iPersonalize the appearance and messaging of webchat interfaces to align with brand identity.$
Mobile Responsive iEnsures your webchat interface adapts to mobile device screens.$
Customizable Interactive Chat Response (ICR) iSelf-service chat that offers real-time chat support to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the option of chatting with a live frontline user.$
Custom Form Fills iAllow customers to provide specific information for inquiries or service requests and provide that information to the assigned frontline user.$
Email Channel
Routing by Keyword or Phrases iRoute emails to frontline users based on keywords and phrases, allowing for more efficient resolutions.$
Auto or Manual Response Templates by Team or Queue iCustomize templates and auto-replies for common questions/requests.$
Suspend and Resume Emails iLet frontline users set aside (i.e., suspend) an email while they look for an answer and respond to it later.$
Outbound Emails by Frontline User iAllow frontline users to initiate conversations and respond to inquiries from customers.$
Customer Engagement
Post-Call Surveys iRoute callersto an automated survey after a call to respond to customzed questions.$
Power Dialing iDial phone numbers automatically without needing manual dialing by frontline users.$
Dynamic Two-Way Notifications iAutomtically send scheduled messages to customers via voice calls, chat, email, and SMS. Allow customers to respond or connect with an frontline user.$
Workforce Management
Schedule Management iPlan and assign shifts to frontline users based on anticipated call volumes, service level objectives, and frontline user availability.$
Vacation and Holiday Management iEffectively plan, allocate, and track frontline user time off and holidays.$
Trade Shifts iAllow frontline users to voluntarily exchange or trade their scheduled shifts with one another.$
AI Interaction Insights Powered by Spark AI
AI Transcriptions iAutomatically transcribe voice interactions by inbound or outbound queue and voicemails.$
AI Transcription Redaction iAutomatically identify and remove sensitive or confidential information from transcriptions.$
AI Interaction Summary iUse Generative AI to automatically create a summary of a customer call.$
AI Sentiment Analysis iAutomatically assess customer interactions to categorize sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral, providing actionable insights for improved customer service.$
AI Evaluator iAssign voice interactions for supervisor review based on keyphrases. Use customized evaluation templates and scoring to provide feedback to frontline users.$
Intermedia Envision Analytics
Real-Time Monitoring iSee caller metrics for the day and identifies what is currently happening with your queues and any frontline users signed in.
Queues Dashboard iHistorical insights on queue performance, including metrics like wait times, frontline user availability, and historical data to optimize call handling efficiency.
Agent Dashboard iProvides supervisors with a clear view of frontline user historical call performance including call duration, post-call tasks, call transfers, and the number of calls managed.
Executive Dashboard iMonitor your call center performance through contact center statistics, call queues, service objectives, frontline user performance and much more.
Wallboards iPresent data in a visually engaging format, using charts, graphs, numbers, and color-coded indicators to make the information easily understandable at a glance.
Historical Reports iGenerate and analyze detailed reports based on historical data related to customer communications.
Microsoft Teams