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When your business partners with A Better Choice Network Solutions, we educate your employees in a group setting on fundamental topics they need to know to be successful within your workplace.

There are two types of education we provide to your employees:

  1. How to be more aware of the cyber threats in the workplace

    We can set up multiple layers of cyber security on your network. However, we cannot stop your employees from opening an infected email or clicking on a link that downloads malware to your computer. We offer employee education via short videos and on-site training to help your employees identify threats before they click.

  2. Basic understanding of the systems the team uses in their workplace.

    The more familiar your team is with the technology they are using, the more confidently they will take on tasks. When they are more familiar with work programs (such as Google or email systems), they will be more productive.

Although our Managed Services clients have free, unlimited access to our Help Desk, our goal is to reduce their need to depend on the Help Desk by educating them. We do this so they are aware of cyber threats and more comfortable with the core technologies in their business.

Never Stop Learning

As technology continues to progress, we feel it is our duty to ensure our clients stay educated so they can succeed. Following are a few of the areas where we provide clients’ employees education in a group setting:

  • Virus & Malware Awareness
  • Safely Surfing the Internet
  • Using Microsoft Office Applications
  • Time Management

Common Questions about our Employee Education Services

Our training can be conducted at your workplace (in person), via webinars, blogs and/or email updates. Our primary focus is on training your employees to identify threats, keep your network secure, and ensure compliance with laws.

We are happy to invite individuals to sign up for our newsletter. If they see a webinar, public meeting, or blog that they are interested in, we welcome them to interact with us to gain knowledge.

We provide employee education on an as-needed basis. Balancing the need for distributing information with the amount of time it takes to produce it, and for the intended audience to engage it, is always a challenge. Information about new threats, critical updates, and/or the changing world of the internet of things flows so quickly that it could be the only thing we do. If we overwhelm our clients with information, they have little time to focus on building their business, so we choose carefully what we send.

It would depend on the program and the extent of training needed. Primarily, we provide training on basic cybersecurity, identification of threats to your network, and usage of equipment purchased through us. We also believe that informing your employees of threat avoidance is an important step in preventing downtime for you. We don’t specialize in software training, but we can help you find places to get it for a reasonable price.


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    Prior to hiring A Better Choice Network Solutions in 2015, I was having real problems with my business server and workstations. My former computer repair company had sold, and I could not get the new company to return my calls or fix the problems I was having. The results of their assessment were worse than I had even thought. I had more than 50 critical and security updates that had not been done on my server, and it was infected with over 2000 different malware programs. I get a monthly report on the health of my network now, and the SPAM emails I was receiving and had to sift through have been almost entirely eliminated. In fact, the SPAM filter that they installed blocked over 12,000 SPAM emails in the first year, saving us a lot of time. I asked David to research a software purchase that I needed for my company, and he was able to get us a 60 day free trial. When the trial expired, he installed the same version for $800 less than the original retail price.

    Jay Horne
    Horne Construction, Winter Haven, FL

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