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Our Approach to Managed IT Services

We partner with our clients to be their technology “go-to”.  Additionally, we believe clients shouldn’t struggle with technology.  At A Better Choice, we tailor our services to fit the needs of the company for maximum productivity and efficiency. Which is why we have a wide range of services and support including:

A partnership with us requires mutual trust. As a result, we promise to provide top notch service and enterprise level cybersecurity at prices that small and medium businesses (SMB’s) can afford. We ask each client questions about how their business operates and then tailor our services to fit the needs of their business.  Because of our core values, you can trust we will never share your proprietary information with anyone.

We encourage our clients to call us anytime that they are looking to upgrade or add to their technology. When they do, we offer tiered options designed to meet their needs that we know will be compatible with their network for affordable prices. We often find that, when business owners buy piecemeal equipment and try to use it on their network, we have to spend our time (and their money) trying to make it work.

Proactive & Preventative Maintenance

We focus on finding solutions to problems before they are symptomatic.

No Hidden Fees or Surprises

No tacked on service fees or hidden equipment rental fees.

Hosted Phones

Our phones are reliable HD quality phone systems that require internet only. No costly installation fees.

Help Desk

Our help desk solves many minor issues without costing you extra time or money.


All of our solutions meet and/or exceed compliance regulations required by HIPAA and PCI.