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  • PowerPoint Malware Phishing Hack

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    PowerPoint Malware Phishing Hack

    The threats in cyber-security are constantly changing. Cyber-criminals are finding new delivery methods to defeat your cyber-security methods. Now, hovering over the power-point attachment in a phishing email can infect your computer with malware.

    Power-point attack changes the game.

    Here is a reminder that you need to be on alert for phishing emails that contain malicious attachments.

    Currently there are emails going around with a malicious PowerPoint file attached. If you simply open this attached file, your computer can become infiltrated with Ransomware, and your computer and even your organization’s network can be taken hostage.

    Here is the worst part: if you move or hover your mouse over a link in the attachment without even clicking on it, your computer can instantly be compromised. The subject lines of these emails can vary greatly, but some of the reported emails have had subject lines similar to ‘Purchase Order #130527’ and ‘Confirmation’.

    These short tips will help you prevent infection:

    • Were you expecting the email? If not, don’t open it.  If you do open it, never hover over or click the attachments!
    • Does the subject line of the email seem like something you weren’t expecting, out of the ordinary, or irrelevant to the message content?
    • Have you ever talked to the sender of the email? If you weren’t expecting an attachment, call them to determine if they intended to send you this attachment. The email could be from a hacker spoofing their email address or sending malicious attachments from their email account.

    Currently, this is only relevant to power-point attachments.  It would not be surprising to see it evolve to all Office apps in the future.  Stay safe by staying aware!

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