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  • HIPAA Checklist

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    HIPAA Checklist

    HIPAA compliance is a team effort. One slip by any team member or a lapse in your network security can compromise sensitive information. So it’s important to develop a culture of HIPAA compliance. This HIPAA checklist is a guide to making the changes many medical offices around Tampa need.

    • Annual Risk Assessment ______________________
    • Security Officer ______________________
    • HIPAA Policies and Procedures
    • Employee Disciplinary Log
    • Annual Employee Training (at minimum)
    • Managed Firewall
    • Anti-virus/Anti-malware
    • Remote Monitoring/Patch Management
    • Business Class Email with Encryption
    • Backup/Disaster Recovery Solution
    • Business Associate Agreements
    • Inventory of all media containing PHI
    • Proper disposal of ePHI and PHI
    • Server Room Access Log
    • Strong, unique passwords
    • Your network must defend against cyberattacks.

    This checklist is not exhaustive, but it’s a good start. It should not be substituted for a comprehensive risk assessment or interpreted as legal advice.

    We can provide your annual HIPAA audit, HIPAA policies and procedures, employee training and HIPAA consulting. Call or email for a quote. Bundled pricing discounts apply.

    If you would like a printable copy of our HIPAA checklist emailed to you, send an email to hipaa@abcnetfl.com to request one free of charge.

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