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  • Disaster-Proof your Business

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    Disaster-Proof your Business

    Hurricane Season begins June 1st. Now is the time to review your disaster preparedness plan. Even if the Tampa Bay area escapes a direct hit again in 2018, a typical summer storm can wreak havoc.  Power and internet outages are unfortunately common. Is your business storm-proof?  For any of our readers that live outside of the Atlantic Hurricane zone, you are not immune to unpredictable disasters either. Unpredictable disasters happen.  Some examples in just this past year:

    In addition, cyber-crime strikes without warning.  The City of Atlanta learned that lesson the hard way this year.  If your data and your phone system are critical to your business, we can help you protect it from disaster.

    Hosted VoIP Business Phone Systems

    With our Hosted VoIP phone systems, your business communications aren’t reliant on your office building. Make calls with your cell phone using our phone app, and it is just like calling from your desk phone. Caller ID will identify your business number, and the person you are calling won’t know the difference. While communications are totally down, you know your callers can leave a voicemail that you can access as soon as you get to a place with power and internet access. Is your internet and power going to be down for several days or weeks? Unplug your Ethernet cable and power cable to your desk phone. Take it to an satellite office or home. Plug it back in to your internet router and power, and your phone is ready to accept calls again.

    Hosted Exchange (Email)

    If Email communications are critical to your business, we can provide access to your email anywhere you can log in.  For example, you can send and receive email on your cellular phone or any device that has internet connectivity. Take your email with you, wherever you go. In a disaster, your email is safely stored in the cloud. As soon as you reconnect to the internet, your email will be received.

    Backup and Disaster Preparedness

    A disaster strikes your community, and your office is destroyed. The server and backup containing your business data were inside. The power company says it could be weeks. Insurance companies are struggling to meet the demands of the claims filed. Days, weeks and even months pass. How long can you go without the data that is critical to your business? We backup your data using solutions that ensure that you can restore your critical data as quickly as possible. Because we care about your livelihood, keeping you in business is key to our disaster preparedness plan. We work within your budget to meet the data protection needs of your business.

About A Better Choice Network Solutions

We are a business technology solutions provider.   Our primary focus on cyber-security requires us to defend your data.  We serve small to medium-sized businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area, Brandon, and Lakeland.

We enable clients to focus on running their businesses with confidence knowing they have a team of experienced IT professionals monitoring and managing their systems, keeping their technology up-to-date, and trained technicians available to provide support and solutions on-demand.

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