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  • Business Email Compromise Exploits “Social Engineering”

    Business Email Compromise Exploits “Social Engineering”

    A new variant of security threats called “Business Email Compromise” (BEC) tries to sneak around traditional security engines that look for known malicious attachments by using social engineering to engage with users before initiating the attack. They evade traditional detection by adopting advanced techniques and targeting human nature.

    Scammers are exploiting specific people and companies, researching their targets, and often impersonating trusted parties to steal money and data. Legacy email security based solely is not enough to protect businesses from these advanced attacks.

    What to do:

    • Inform and train your employees.
    • Make sure your email software, browsers and devices are up to date
    • Use email security services and software designed to thwart these types of attacks.

    This short video provides a good description of how this new type of attack works.

    Email Protection with AI Guardian

    To defend against BEC attacks, we use our new AI-based threat protection with AI Guardian. This layer of protection analyzes thousands of signals – including the language of the email – to stop a wide range of targeted attacks that evade traditional detection. Email Protection with AI Guardian provides business email customers with the best possible protection in a single easy-to-use service.

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