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  • File Backup or Image Backup?

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    File Backup or Image Backup?

    You didn’t backup your data yesterday. Do it today.

    Yesterday was World Backup Day, a yearly reminder to make copies of your data and store them someplace safe. Today is April Fools’ Day, but we’re not fooling around. Backups are a very important part of business technology.

    So let’s go over two backup types:

    • file backup
    • image backup.

    File Backup

    A file backup, as the name suggests, is a type of backup that focuses on individual files and folders. This type of backup is typically performed on a regular basis to ensure that the most recent versions of files are saved. It is an excellent option for small businesses or organizations with a limited amount of data to backup.


    • First, it is relatively simple and straightforward to perform.
    • Second, you can choose which files and folders to backup, and it is easy to restore them if needed.
    • Finally, file backup is less time-consuming than an image backup, as only the changes in the files are backed up, and not the entire system.


    However, a file backup has its limitations. It only backs up individual files, which means that in case of system failure, you will need to reinstall the operating system and applications before restoring the files. This can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you do not have access to the installation media or product keys.


    We recommend File backup under the following circumstances:

    • When data needs to be portable.
    • When employees will need to work on the same data (collaboration).
    • When there is no software or programs critical to the organization on the device.

    In a disaster recovery incident where the hardware fails, gets infected by Ransomware or an angry employee deletes all of the data, File Backup will allow the data to be reinstalled from the Cloud on a new device. Data can still be accessed from the cloud while the recovery is underway.

    Image Backup

    Image backup, also known as a system backup, creates a complete backup of your system, including the operating system, applications, settings, and data. This type of backup is typically performed less frequently than file backup, but it is an excellent option for businesses that cannot afford any downtime.


    • First, it creates a complete backup of your system, including the operating system, applications, and settings. This makes it easier and faster to restore your system in case of a disaster.
    • Second, image backup saves time and effort because it eliminates the need to reinstall the operating system and applications.


    However, an image backup has its limitations too.

    • It requires more storage space and takes longer to create than file backup.
    • Also, restoring an image backup can be complicated, especially if you need to restore individual files or folders.


    We recommend Image Backup in the following circumstances:

    • Data does not need to be portable.
    • Programs critical to the business are on the device (i.e. QuickBooks Desktop).
    • Multiple user profiles exist on the device.


    In conclusion, both file and image backup have their pros and cons. It is essential to consider your business needs and budget to determine which type of backup is best suited for you. If you have any questions or need help deciding which backup solution to choose, make A Better Choice by calling us at 813-605-7251, ext 1 or emailing info@abcnetfl.com.

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