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  • World Backup Day- March 31st

    World Backup Day- March 31st

    World Backup Day!  This is a reminder for you to back up your photos, files and data.  30% of users have never backed up.  Whether it is a hard drive crash or a virus infecting your computer, the loss of your data can be devastating.  Some photos just can’t be replaced.  Having a backup copy (or two) is always a good idea.Cloud Backup

    Cloud backup can be broken down into 3 general types:  file-based, image-based and virtualized servers. File-based backups will back up the individual files and folders, but not the programs on your computer. Image-based backups will take a “snapshot” of your computer’s files, folders and programs and can restore them in their entirety. Virtualized servers can operate your network while in place of your in-house server in case of an emergency. However, this tends to sacrifice the speed of your network. 

    The decision on which type of backup to use comes down to your budget and your tolerance for downtime. If your server goes down with a file-based system, the operating system and programs will need to be loaded back on the server separately along with the restoration of the files.  This means your server might be down for many hours or sometimes, a few days. With an image based system, everything will be reloaded at once including the programs. Usually you are up and running in anywhere from a half-hour to a few hours. In contrast, with virtualized servers, you are likely only down for a few minutes at the most. 

    Virtualized servers are great for enterprise level businesses, emergency services and/or medical offices that cannot afford downtime. Conversely, small to Medium sized businesses that can tolerate a little downtime would be better served by file-based backup or image-based backup. 

    At A Better Choice Network Solutions, we will help you select the best solution for your needs.  Whatever you do, remember to back-up your files to protect your data! 

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