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  • Businesses Need Reliable Tech Support for Network Repair

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    Businesses Need Reliable Tech Support for Network Repair
    Network closet with disorganized cables.
    An example of a network closet where the ethernet cables are strewn and disorganized.

    In our line of work, we see everything that can go right and wrong in network repair. Because we offer tech support, we have the often-interesting job of diagnosing the issue when a customer calls with network problems. And we see it all:

    • cybersecurity weaknesses.
    • outdated technology.
    • internet failures.
    • unreliable networks.

    That last one was the case for one of our most recent customers. Our new client kept losing their internet service sporadically. Having unreliable internet is a problem for anyone, but for a hustling business, it’s critical.

    All it took was one look in this business’ network room, and we knew exactly what was causing the issues.

    Getting to Work

    A Better Choice Network Solutions technician working to organize the network
    A Better Choice Network Solutions technician working to organize the network in a more logical fashion.

    There were clear problem areas to address, starting with a spider web of ethernet cables that would confuse anyone. Also, some vital cables were disconnected. Additionally, multiple routers on the same network were causing a conflict because they were not properly configured. Finally, outdated and unnecessary equipment further complicated their internet service. It was clear that the design of this network wasn’t working.

    First, our tech identified the problem areas of the network room. Second, he designed a plan to address the issues. Because productivity is key, the next step was coordinating a time that worked for our customer’s schedule and budget. We understood that every hour the system would be down to perform network repair would be time lost. Time-conscious network repair is a critical aspect of tech support that we prioritize.

    After diagnosis and approval of our plan, we went to work.

    Final Product: An Organized, Reliable Network

    It was a long day, but the final results were worth it. The design is now easier to troubleshoot and more aesthetically pleasing. Bundles are color-coded to easily track and identify where problem cables are located. The network is mapped with port numbers marked on the wall plates. Extraneous equipment has been removed.

    Network room with organized cables.
    The network room after our technicians from A Better Choice Network Solutions completed the job. Cables are logically organized and marked with color coded straps for easier identification of problem areas.

    We address problem areas and offer our clients the finest network repair services. Our tech support is precise, thorough, and always available to guarantee our customers’ tech needs are met. When a network repair issue arises or you need tech support, contact A Better Choice Network Solutions. We service businesses throughout Hillsborough, Polk, Pasco and Pinellas Counties of Florida. Make A Better Choice for your business IT needs

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We are a business technology solutions provider.   Our primary focus on cyber-security requires us to defend your data.  We serve small to medium-sized businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area, Brandon, and Lakeland.

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