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Have you been looking for an upgrade of your computers in your business or home, but aren’t sure what the best computer is for your needs? Buying a computer can be confusing. Should you get a PC or a MAC? What version of Windows is the best? What software will you need with it? Is there a difference between AMD and Intel? What does it mean when it refers to things like GB, GhZ, RAM? Why is an I7 chip so much more expensive than an I5 or an I3? Should I buy a brand name computer, or have one custom built? Should I buy retail or order it from an online store?

All of these questions can make the computer buying experience frustrating. We are happy to simplify the process for you by helping you choose a computer that will meet your needs without overwhelming your budget. Dell computers are generally well-suited for most PC users as they are durable computers that are well designed and easy to repair or upgrade. If we cannot find a good fit for you with our Dell products, we will help you choose another brand that works for you.

Many of our customers come to us confused about what computer is best for them. The best isn’t always the most expensive option. We interview our customers to learn about their computer needs, and help them choose options within their budget. Our business clients already trust us to help them choose their computer equipment. We figure if we’re going to help them save money on good quality equipment, why not help everyone else too?

Why Buy Equipment Through Us

When you order your computer equipment from us, you can rest assured that you are getting:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Reliable Equipment
  • Comparable Pricing
  • Top Notch Support

Common Questions About Computers and Technology

We will assess your needs for your computer and help you find the best deal. When you purchase from a retail store, they often have bought a large number of computers in bulk, warehoused them until they shipped out to retail stores, then sat them on the shelf until you purchase them. As fast as computer technology is changing, many times the computers sitting on the retail shelves are already obsolete and overpriced by the time you get to them. We will help you purchase computers within your budget that are built the day we order them. We currently partner with Dell as we have found them to be the most reliable, and easiest to service.

No, we also sell, support and install all types of hardware, including network equipment, firewalls, switches, VoIP telephones, and software. Most clients come to us because they get frustrated with all the different numbers that describe computers these days. They want someone they can trust to help guide them so that they know they are getting a good quality product for the money they are spending.

We will happily provide you with confirmation of the disposal of your old computer, if you desire. We utilize Urban E-Recycling to dispose of any hard drives that we take possession of. We will request your permission before we salvage any equipment that you provide us. If you request it in advance, we will provide you with a video showing your serial number as it gets properly disposed of by Urban E-Recycling. In many cases, they will also come out and pick up your old electronics for you free of charge.

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Prior to hiring A Better Choice Network Solutions in 2015, I was having real problems with my business server and workstations. My former computer repair company had sold, and I could not get the new company to return my calls or fix the problems I was having. The results of their assessment were worse than I had even thought. I had more than 50 critical and security updates that had not been done on my server, and it was infected with over 2000 different malware programs. I get a monthly report on the health of my network now, and the SPAM emails I was receiving and had to sift through have been almost entirely eliminated. In fact, the SPAM filter that they installed blocked over 12,000 SPAM emails in the first year, saving us a lot of time. I asked David to research a software purchase that I needed for my company, and he was able to get us a 60 day free trial. When the trial expired, he installed the same version for $800 less than the original retail price.

Jay Horne
Horne Construction, Winter Haven, FL

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