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    Remote Employees

    We all have the employee that likes to tough it out when they are sick. With deadlines to meet, managers often look the other way. Some employees even brag about their ability to push through illness. Remote employees can benefit your bottom line, so why not give them the flexibility to work from home when they are sick?

    Even the flu can cripple your productivity and make your employee’s miserable. With the threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), an infected employee can result in weeks of downtime if your staff gets quarantined.

    Your most productive employees are often the ones that are reluctant to call out sick. By providing them with options, you can benefit your business in unexpected ways.

    Happier Employees

    Employees have reported that they would be willing to take a 5% cut in pay to work remotely. Remote employees reported happiness in their jobs 29% higher than on-site employees. Happier employees are more productive. Add the cost savings on office space and you have a strong argument for allowing remote work.

    Elevate Your Business

    If you need help with figuring out where to start, we can help you set up your office so that it is remote friendly. Our Elevate Phone System allows your employees to be reachable at home, on their mobile or in their office.

    If you need to hold a meeting, we include our video-conference/screenshare app so you can host your meeting and share your screen with your team. They can also host meetings with clients outside of your organization. Our meeting app is high quality (720p) video and easy to use.

    Finally, we have email and cloud services to give your employees access to the data they need quickly and easily.

    At A Better Choice Network Solutions, we have the tools you need to maximize productivity. Isn’t it time you made A Better Choice for your business?