Network Repair

Network failures always happen at the worst possible time. While we would prefer to prevent network issues, we can also help with repairing them. We fix your network problems using diagnostic tools to determine the source of the issue. When you are in need of network repair, find out why we are A Better Choice to get your internet connections restored.

Internet and network repairs can be more involved than just plugging in an ethernet cable.
man working in network server room with fiber optic hub for digital communications and internet

Blaming your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when you have an internet issue is easy. Understanding when the ISP needs to be involved and when it is your own equipment is helpful. Internet connectivity can be affected by equipment that exists within your office or miles down the road.

We often receive calls from new clients complaining of internet connection issues. They called the support number for their ISP. The support tech then convinced them to pay more for faster speeds. Their bill increased, but the problems were not resolved.

Economics of Internet Service

The economics of Internet Service Providers are a major contributor to this cycle. The cost of delivering internet to your business or home is front-loaded for the ISP. Your monthly bill then reimburses them. The longer you go without a problem that costs them money, the more profits they make. Many ISP’s are reluctant to spend money to repair an issue without justification. If they can convince you to spend more money with them in the meantime, all the better.

Call A Better Choice Network Solutions for your network repair needs. We can determine if the issue exists outside of your network or between your devices and the router within your building. If the problem is related to the ISP equipment, we will help you get that equipment replaced. The healthier your network, the more reliable your internet.