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  • Myth #1: We Don’t Need Cybersecurity Training

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    Myth #1:  We Don’t Need Cybersecurity Training

    Cybersecurity training should be a part of every business plan. Employees that can identify and prevent attacks from hackers such as Ransomware can save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in IT headaches and lost revenue. Compliance regulators have identified employee training a “minimum industry standard” for data security. Make a better choice for your business. If you are in the Tampa Bay area, call us to get access to free annual training for your organization now. Click the video below to learn more.

    A Better Choice-Cybersecurity Training

    A layered approach to cybersecurity must include employee training. You can spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on securing your network, but the wrong click by an employee can bypass the security. A better choice is to train your employees so they know what NOT to click on. Our cybersecurity training is designed to keep your employees up to date on the threats. It will benefit them anytime they go on the internet whether for business or personal reasons. It is no longer safe to ignore the threats of hackers.

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