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  • Beware of the Dark Side Ransomware Threat

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    Beware of the Dark Side Ransomware Threat

    A Forbes article about the new Dark Side Gang speaks to the Star Wars nerd in me…haha. In summary, the Dark Side Gang has posted a press release on the Dark Web announcing they are the “new product on the market.” They proclaim that they “only attack companies that can pay the requested amount,” and they “do not want to kill your business.” In truth, their tactics are not any different than other Ransomware hackers.

    “How noble of them,” says David Thornton, cyber-security expert and founder of A Better Choice Network Solutions. “Ransomware attackers have recently shifted their tactics. Before, they would simply encrypt your data. If you could restore from backup, you had no real incentive to pay a ransom. Costs to your business after an attack were limited to downtime during the data recovery and some IT expenses.”

    Their new approach is to keep a copy of your data and post it publicly if the ransom isn’t paid. A breach such as this can trigger costly audits by compliance authorities. Federal regulators have long warned that a ransomware attack is equivalent to a breach. As a result, we must change up our defense for anyone that has compliance requirements. If you are governed by HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, for example, or could face a bar complaint if your data is breached, we can help you prevent paying to retrieve your data after a breach.

    Even businesses that have no compliance concerns and backup in place can be harmed. Loss of trust by customers can be costly. Target experienced a significant loss of customer visits after they were breached in 2013. While they have since recovered, few companies can sustain such a loss.

    What can you do?

    1. Never trust a hacker to do what is right.
    2. Paying a ransom only encourages future victimization.
    3. Focus on prevention.
    4. Train your employees to spot phishing attacks.
    5. Layered security coupled with backup is a better choice for protecting your business data.
    6. Data breach insurance should be the final step, not the first.

    Protecting your business data takes technical skill, time and the right tools. Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur or owner of a large corporation, A Better Choice Network Solutions will work with you to find solutions in your budget to prevent paying for your data.

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