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  • Why is VoIP a better choice for your business?

    Why is VoIP a better choice for your business?

    Are you looking to switch your business phone system in the Tampa Bay area?   Here are some great reasons why you should consider A Better Choice Network Solutions hosted VoIP phone system for your business needs:

    1. Pricing:  There are two factors to consider with pricing.  The initial purchase of the phones and equipment needed to run the phones can be cost-prohibitive.  SIP-Trunked Phone Systems carry a much higher initial cost.  The infrastructure needed for SIP trunks must be built in your office.  We utilize hosted phone systems because they operate on your current network infrastructure to save you money on the initial cost.  Additionally, we also offer 3 free phones to choose from when you purchase a line.  The initial purchase of the phone system is often only a couple of hundred dollars (including our fees and shipping of the phones) instead of thousands.  Our monthly service is comparable to analog phone systems, and we are often able to save you money on your monthly bill as well.  We love giving you a better quality product that saves you money….that is why we are A Better Choice!
    2.  Dependability:  Your business phone system needs to be reliable.  We guarantee 99.999% uptime of our servers that host your phone system.  We conduct a VoIP test on your network prior to delivery to ensure that it is healthy enough for VoIP, and we provide HD quality voice phones that are easy to use.
    3. Customizability:  What would you like your phone system to do?  Using our auto-attendant, find me/follow me, free voicemail and more than 30 other features, we can program your business phones to operate the way that works best to keep you productive.
    4. Scalability:  Adding phone lines to your office is as easy as picking up the phone and calling us.  Tell us you need to add a phone line, choose which phone you want, and it is on the way!
    5. Portability:  Disaster strikes sometimes.  If your office building is hit by a power outage, network outage or act of God, you can grab your phone and move it to a satellite office or your residence that has power and internet.  Plug it in, notify us of the new address for e911 purposes, and you are back in business!  Your phone system isn’t tied to your office building, so you are only limited by your imagination.  Want to give one of your employees the ability to work from home?  They can take their business phone home and plug it in to their network to set up a satellite office.
    6. Free Add-Ons:  Our Ring-scape App is a great tool for receptionists.  They can utilize Ring-Scape to see what lines are available before transferring a call.  Also, Ring-scape operates with your outlook contacts.  Click on a contact within Ring-scape, and your phone will start calling that person for you.  Webfax can replace your fax machine, saving you paper and ink!  You can view your faxes on your screen before you decide whether or not to print them.  It is a great way to help your business remain paperless!  Every phone line and your auto-attendant line comes with a free voicemail.
    7. Yealink:  We are now offering Yealink Phones!  In addition to our excellent Polycom VVX series phones, we also have partnered with Yealink.  For a limited time, get a Yealink T42G (12-line phone) with your phone line order for FREE!

    Contact us at (813) 605-7251 for a free phone demo for your business!


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